Personal Data Protection: Modern Automobile Dilemma

One of the biggest dilemmas facing modern car companies is protecting the personal data of their customers. However, these companies need this information to improve the car industry and know customer preferences. But on the other hand, this contradicts the protection of their personal data. Some of the clients may not be willing to share their preferences, for example, with any party. Here the conflict of opinions appears regarding sharing personal data. Even though, using it will improve the automobile industry according to customer preferences or not. We must not forget that what governs the quality of the automobile industry are the customers who purchase these cars on the one hand. On the other hand, the quality companies govern the quality of autos manufacture. A study conducted by the Mozilla Foundation described protection of customers’ personal data as a nightmare. The study based on the fact that vehicles represent a rich mine of information for manufacturers. So, autos manufacturing companies may use or sell this data. This institution indicated that more than 24-brands of modern-car, considered a model for the use of personal data. Not only that, but the study concluded that modern-cars with high technology, collect personal-data more than expected. The headquarters of this institution is in San Francisco.

Smartphone Connection to Cars

One of the solutions that modern cars can provide to preserve privacy is to manufacture everything customers need. Starting from a navigation screen to an external mobile charger that charges the phone. This is to avoid connecting the phone directly to the car. There are some companies that allow the possibility of collecting data if the company’s application downloaded. Autos manufacturing firms should provide car sellers with possibility of deleting data used. This can take place immediately after completing driving.