Why the new Porsche GT3 RS is the most powerful?

The 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six is one of the finest automotive engines ever produced. But there’s only so much power that can be extracted from it while meeting increasingly tough emissions standards. So how do you make a car like the 911 GT3 RS markedly faster than its predecessor while making the same amount of power by  increasing grip. The new 992 GT3 RS has arguably the most extreme aero package. This side of a McLaren Senna, as far as road cars are concerned.

Porsche MotorsportDownforce and Stiffer Suspension

The GT3 911 is always very difficult to get the downforce at the front. For that we needed aero modules with electromechanically operated flaps. Where the side radiators normally sit. So, they had to go. The movable flaps look like small wings. The wings are adjusted by specially developed brushless electric motors. So that it can rotate a maximum of 80 degrees in 0.3 seconds. Angle of attack is infinitely adjustable. It is working in concert with a new bi-plane rear wing that has a hydraulically adjustable top section. The car automatically adjusts the downforce level as needed. Porsche developed new hydrofoil-shaped components for the front suspension. Which   contributes to an 88-pound increase in downforce.

The hood’s vent gets the hot air from the radiators away from the car. That t also on the two sides of the roof. the new GT3 RS is capable of making twice as much downforce as its predecessor.  and three times as much as the current GT3. One of the great road-going aero monsters. Porsche says these figures put the new GT3 RS on par with a GT3 race car.

Porsche has Active Suspension Management (PASM) button on the steering wheel. Which can uses the four knobs to adjust rebound and compression settings for the front and rear separately. Porsche will provide no default damper settings.