Renault Megane RS coming to the UAE in 2019

Renault certainly knows how to make a fast, fun, small car. The 5 Turbo, the Clio Williams, the Clio V6, the Clio Cup – the list is long of genuinely brilliant cars which have flown under the radar. With so much praise heaped on the Focus ST, Golf GTI, and Civic Type-R’s of the world, a Renault may seem like an avant-garde choice.

However, 2019 will see the revised Megane RS hitting the streets of the UAE. So, what can you expect?

Performance styling cues

The new Megane RS is in-keeping with the current design features of the Renault range – there are some definite Talisman and Koleos influences to be seen. Coming in a variety of bright and appealing colours, the new Megan RS’s visual appeal is designed by its large wheel arches, enlarged wheels, and central exhaust.

A particularly neat feature you may notice is the LED daytime running lights, which have been seamlessly designed as a part of the Renault Sport logo.

The interior is comfortable, yet this is a performance hatchback. As a result, there is Alcantara covering the sculpted sports seats, and the whole cabin benefits from a number of high-quality materials. It’s simply and intuitively laid out, as befits a driver-focused car.

The oily bits

The old 2.0 engine found in the outgoing Megan RS is no more. Renault has instead opted for a much more trim and lithe 1.8 turbocharged unit. The smaller size, however, doesn’t mean power is sacrificed. 275 horsepower is on tap, with 390 Nm torque.

5.8 seconds will have you at 100 km/h thanks to the 6-speed automatic transmission, which features a dual-clutch for seamless shifts at speed and smooth operation around town.

Handling is very much the goal of the Megane RS. The chassis has been stiffened and the suspension tuned to make the car as nimble as possible under your hands. This is aided by the introduction of four-wheel steering to further improve the handling.

Prices for the Megan RS in the UAE are looking to be around AED 137,500 – making it much better value than most of the competition.