‘Happiness Patrol’ rewarding safe drivers in Abu Dhabi

Getting pulled over by the police is rarely a good thing. Generally, it ends with a slap on the wrist or a fine, but in Abu Dhabi, police officers are stopping cars so as to reward motorists for good driving.

The ‘Happiness Patrol’, as it has been dubbed, is part of The Abu Dhabi Police’s (ADP) commitment to making a more positive contribution on the UAE’s roads. The concept of the scheme is basically that if poor drivers are reprimanded, then good drivers should be applauded.

uaeAlthough the Happiness Patrol’s project started in 2016, it has only recently upped its game and started to increase its activity. In recent weeks, numerous drivers have been stopped – many of them expecting the worst before departing with a smile – and have been handed vouchers and certificates as rewards.

A blogger’s influence

The Happiness Patrol has operated in relative obscurity for the last two years, but that all changed recently when well-known Abu Dhabi-based blogger Kalid Al Ameri uploaded a video that has now been viewed millions of times.


In the video, which has already been seen 3.4 million times on Facebook alone, catalogues Kalid’s encounter with the Happiness Patrol. In the clip, the police praise him for wearing his seatbelt, for indicating in good time, and for sticking to the speed limit at all times.


Kalid goes on to state that the police in Abu Dhabi are not viewed by the public as an organisation that is focused solely on fighting crime, but simply wants to make a positive contribution to the lives of all people living in the UAE.

What does the Happiness Patrol look for?

Of course, while it’s good to know that good drivers can be rewarded for sticking to the rules and not being a menace on the roads, it makes sense to know exactly what makes a ‘good’ driver.

The Abu Dhabi Police states that good drivers should:

– Keep an adequate distance between themselves and other road users
– Use the correct signals at the right time when leaving the road or changing lanes
– Wear a seat belt whenever the vehicle is moving
– Stick to the speed limit at all times

Start getting rewarded!

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