Renting Cars & Safe Driving

Driving a rented car is not typically like your own. There is the so-called adaptation. You have to adjust yourself with the auto. However, the adaptation means a lot of things. To do so, the motorist has to be aware about the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Not only this, but driving a manual car is totally different than an automatic one.

Gas Cap

The gas cap differs from a car to another. So, when you would like to fuel a rented car think about the position of the gas cap. This is important because of the fact that some are placed on the left while in others they are place on the right.

Corridor Crossings

In some cases, motorist may need to pass form a corridor to a main road. The most important thing here is to think about who or what is coming. However, the driver may not be able to gaze. If you are not able to take a gaze and there is a car parking, look at the sides of the car. This will enable you to know whether there is a pedestrian coming or not through the flashing lights on the sides.

The Steering Wheel

One of the most important parts of the car’s control is the steering wheel. It has three positions: straight of which you can clearly read the marker of the car, and one turn left or right. Whenever driving, take hold of the steering wheel from outer side not from the inner side. Because this will make your hand vulnerable to break especially in sandy areas.


Another essential thing that motorists have to pay attention for is avoiding steering while leaving parking. Try to drive back straight forward until making sure that you have left the parking then steer the steering wheel right or left. All in all, following the previous guidance will help you get rid of primary driving mistakes.