Rida Buran: the Multi-purpose Vehicle

The Rida Buran is one of the best cars characterized by the ability to perform multiple-purpose. It has the characteristic of strength, durability, and aesthetics somewhat when compared to other sports cars. In addition, one of the prominent features of this car is the armouring of the car body. It resists even bullets, as well as the tires that do not know damage. In addition, these tires have a high ability to penetrate all rough terrain. Not only that, but these tires also have the ability to penetrate slippery and muddy roads. And frankly, the capabilities of this car are very amazing.

High Specifications

The specifications that the manufacturer of the Rida Buran weighed are almost supernatural. One of the most important features is that the driver can drive normally when problems occur. Secondly, when the car bombarded with bullets, the bullets cannot penetrate the car body. This is due to the lamination feature found in the car body. Not only that, but the car can cover a distance of more than thirty kilometres in this shape (a tire without air). The car can even exceed forty-five kilometres as well, in the same condition as previously mentioned.

The length of the car varies between 5.81 and 6.28 meters, depending on the variables. There is no much difference between the height and width of the car. It is 2.35 meters high and 2.26 meters wide. The tire size is 12.00-R18. Furthermore, the number of passengers who can board the car is five, including the driver. There is an empty space in the back of the car to carry luggage and belongings. The car is also characterized by a high ability to carry heavy weights. In conclusion, the Rida Bran is a car of strength and durability.