Rim-guard Wheel Lock: The Ultimate Solution

Rim-guard wheel lock is the ultimate solution for wheels theft. For ages, wheels-thieves do easily loosen wheels from autos and take advantage of them. This wicked process does not exceed couples of minutes for accomplishing it. During the recent previous time, autos wheels turn to have a very soaring price. Accordingly, they attract the interest of many thieves to easily earn money in couples of minutes. In fact, this is very annoying because it ruins the owner of the car and delay him/her. Therefore, there should be an ultimate solution.

The Ultimate Solution

One of the ultimate solutions for wheels theft is Rim-guard wheels. This naming is explanatory.  Around the world, auto companies started to tackle this problem in many different ways. However, all of these solutions are not that kind of perfect. Wheels-thieves still find out some elusive ways to steal them. Therefore, this company manufactured this auto wheel to prevent a such kind of theft. The reason behind the easiness of wheel thefts is that the bolts are out. Therefore, it is very easy for thieves to just use spanners to unlock them.

How Does Rimguard Wheels Work?

Thieves easily find the bolts sticking out and accordingly unassemble them. One of the best solutions is to put the bolts of the wheels in hide. This is absolutely what Rimguard company did. Easily, the designers place the headings of the bolts in the posterior position of the wheel. Furthermore, they put a covering for them supported with a lock. However, the lock has a key of which the owner of the car can control it. In this case, thieves will not be able to commit this theft. All in all, Rimguard is the best and the ultimate solution to stick to.