Tesla’s Strongest Competitor: ET7

The new Chinese car ET7 considered as one of the cars perfectly competes Tesla. This car, for ages, dazzled the world. It is completely electric, and the company designed this Chinese car to compete with this sedan. One of the things that distinguishes this car is that you buy it without batteries. However, you just rent the batteries from the company. This feature is very excellent given the price of expensive electric car batteries. Not many electric car manufacturers have this feature. As for changing the batteries, it does not take more than three minutes.

NIO-ET7-5Features of ET7

This perfected auto has many features. These features make the ET7 the most powerful and best option on various aspects. So, in terms of price and other aspects it is cheaper. Sedans represent forty-five percent of the world’s most popular and attractive cars; this car is important. However, this car can cross thousand kilometres on a single charge. This long distance enables the driver to complete lot of tasks hassle-free of daily charging.

The car is equipped with remote sensing devices that help it perceive the surroundings around it. So, it enhances the possibility of safe driving. The audio system and amplifier used is 7.1.4 V2X class. On top of that, there is a Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6. The engine power is 644 hp and torque is 850 Nm. The acceleration rate starts from 0 and reaches 100 km in 9.3 seconds. One of the most important things that distinguishes this car is its sporty exterior. Also, the interior of the car is very fascinating enough. Furthermore, the very amazing interior design plays a big role in making the car popular. In conclusion, the fierce race and rivalry still exists between the Chinese car ET7 and Tesla.