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RTA launches scheme to make vehicle data more accessible to used car buyers

There are many benefits associated with buying a used car rather than a new one. Used cars are usually much cheaper, which means you can save money or afford a higher-quality vehicle. What’s more, buying a used vehicle is more environmentally-friendly than buying a new one in some respects. After all, manufacturing new vehicles is much more resource-intensive than re-using existing ones. However, buying a used car can also be a risk, as it’s hard to know what condition a vehicle is in if it has been owned and driven previously. If you’re planning on buying a used car in the UAE, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Roads and Transport Authority has launched a scheme that will make it possible to access information about a used car’s condition before buying it.

How does the new scheme work?

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You may be wondering how the scheme works. It’s actually very simple. Provided the vehicle’s current owner consents to release their vehicle’s details, you can obtain a certificate from the RTA that includes valuable information about the car you intend to purchase. The information on the certificate includes the distance the car has traveled and whether it was found to be in good condition during its annual tests. The certificate also includes other pieces of data that prospective buyers may find interesting. Each certificate costs just Dh100, making them a worthwhile investment for car buyers who want to make sure their new vehicle is in good condition.

The certificates could improve buyer confidence

If you’re having difficulty choosing whether or not to purchase a used car, the ability to obtain vital information on a vehicle’s condition may sway your decision. The certificates are designed to give drivers like you confidence. If you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying a poorly-maintained or unusable car, opting for a used vehicle should be much easier.

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