INFINITI QX80 luxury SUV hits the UAE car market

Car buyers in the UAE are sure to be impressed by the new INFINITI QX80. This outstanding vehicle was launched at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show and has been created to meet the requirements of today’s luxury car market. The luxury SUV has been premiered in the UAE and is sure to appeal to SUV buyers who demand comfort coupled with top performance.

2018-Infiniti-QX80The QX80 features a spacious interior cabin and transports up to eight passengers with ease. The vehicle cabin is finished with superior materials and has a hand-crafted refinement that will please the most demanding consumer. The cabin features comfortable leather Captain’s seats in the second row for added passenger relaxation, while the second and third-row seats can all be folded down to create an enlarged cargo space area if required.

The vehicle has drive assist technology to ensure drivers maintain safety in the most monotonous of driving conditions. Available technologies include Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention and Predictive Forward Collision Warning. The QX80 has a 400 hp, 5.6-litre V8 engine and superb suspension, ensuring all passengers experience a comfortable ride. The high-resolution screens of the onboard rear entertainment system provide excellent connectivity and entertainments options and will support up to 31 languages.

2018-infiniti-qx80The QX80 features Acceleration Swell to gradually increase engine torque as acceleration is applied and provide a smooth, continued application of power. The vehicle has a seven-speed automatic transmission which is electronically controlled and features adaptive shift control. The Tow Haul Mode Switch and Trailer Sway Control Function make towing trailers an easy matter, irrespective of road conditions.

This luxurious SUV is bound to appeal to consumers with a taste for luxury who also demand the space available from utility vehicles. The QX80 has a contemporary appearance and provides excellent driving performance and its All-Mode 4WD constantly adjusts the power between the front and rear wheels to ensure better handling in any conditions.

The QX80 is available throughout the Middle East and prices start at AED 307,500. Learn more about the car market in the UAE at