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Having Trouble Selling a Car in Dubai? Here’s Why

Driving your new dream car on the broad and well-maintained roads of Dubai is a real luxury. The moment you are in a position to buy a new car, there’s always the issue of getting rid of your old one, as quickly as possible. Traditionally there has been several options for selling a car in Dubai, but today, selling a used car is a different because of the rapid progress in technology. Having so many options brings advantages and disadvantages at the same time. In these circumstances, you are required to choose the right option considering all aspects of selling a used car.

Often people choose to trade in their used car, but you should keep in mind that it is quite possible that you may end up with a lower price for your used vehicle. The first priority of all car dealers is to turn a profit, and they will take advantage of your urgency to sell to get the lowest price possible. They buy used cars at a discount and sell them at a price, which is often far higher than the price they have paid. The biggest disadvantage of trading-in is that you hardly get a fair price for your used car.

Another option is to sell your used car on your own. Selling a car privately is a tough and stressful task with so many prevailing obstacles. Many people find it really difficult to sell a used car on their own. You have to take time out of your busy schedule because you’re at the mercy of the schedule of the buyer. You also have to go through the hassle of advertising your used car by purchasing expensive classified ads from local newspapers and websites. The story does not end there, your phone starts ringing and you have to make appointments and host test drives, and in the end you are still not sure it will end in a successful sale. A tiring and time-consuming process, truly!

In such situation is the best choice to sell a used car online. We buy all brands, from Hyundai to Bugatti, regardless of make, model, year and condition. We offer our services for each and every car owner. Get an instant valuation of your used car online that will help you to calculate the worth of your used car, almost instantly. Our valuation service is completely free. Send us the basic details of your used car online and you will receive a comprehensive and accurate valuation within 15 seconds. Free, fair and fast.

Arrange an onsite visit for a physical check, because it is necessary in deducing the fairest offer for your used vehicle. Our qualified automotive specialists examine each and every factor of your used car. We assure our customers that we will buy any car post-inspection. After examining your used car, a fair offer is made – if you accept our offer we will buy your car quickly by managing all related paperwork with complete legal security. We also offer our customers flexible payment delivery. You choose how you want to get paid; instant transfer to your bank account, or payment through cheque or cash in hand. Satisfaction guaranteed, you’ll sell your car rapidly, within 30 minutes. Enjoy our complete start-to-finish services and sell your used car online, simply, quickly, safely and conveniently!

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