How to spot a dodgy car dealer and their dirty tricks

How to Spot a Dodgy Car Dealer And Their Dirty Tricks.

Spotting a dodgy car dealer in Dubai can be a tricky business.

In the past, when someone decided to purchase a vehicle, their only solution was to visit the dreaded car dealership. Today, consumers have more options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle through the Internet. As a result, you no longer have to fall for the gimmicks and tricks commonly practiced by car dealers at dealerships around the world. In the event you do choose to purchase from the dealership, beware of the following gimmicks and tricks.

Wasting Your Time

Dealerships operate on one premise: the longer you stay, the more likely you will be to make a purchase. Even more so, the longer you stay, the higher the dealership’s profit will be. As a result, car dealers literally are trained to wear you down. It all starts before you go on the mandatory test drive with sales professional spending arduous amounts of time explaining features of the vehicle that has no benefit to you. After the test drive, the real circus truly begins. While your intentions may be to purchase a vehicle and leave, their intentions are to keep you there as long as possible.

Devalue Your Trade

Undoubtedly, dealerships are there to make money because of the sales salaries and drastic overhead it costs to run a dealership. As a result, dealerships use several tactics to increase their profit margin in addition to making a profit on the sale of a vehicle. One of those tactics is to purchase your trade-in for as cheap as possible, regardless of your financial well being. To achieve this, they will commonly devalue your trade. As the sales professional looks at your trade in vehicle, they will point out as many problems as possible with your trade-in vehicle to lower your expectations. They may even remind you of the repairs they will have to make to get the vehicle “showroom ready.” By the end of the negotiations, they will justifiably discount the price of what they will “give” you for your vehicle by a fourth of its value.

The Mandatory Fee for the Fee

While the dealership obviously has to keep the lights on, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill alone. Another way the dealership makes extra money is through arduous titling fees, delivery charges, and random closing costs. While these extra charges are legal, they are not necessary. These charges represent the dealership’s way of covering their arduous overhead costs. However, these fees can and will have a significant impact on the overall price of the vehicle. You should be very cautious about the many dealership fees.

Bait and Switch Technique

If you are like the majority of consumers, you start the car-buying process through search engines. You see an advertisement for the vehicle you have been considering at an amazing price, and you decide to make the purchase. However, when you get to the dealership showroom, the salesperson tells you that the vehicle is no longer available. Instead, they will show you a stripped-down version of the vehicle you want, but it has none of the features you envisioned. The sales professional is sympathetic and promises to give you a great deal on a similar vehicle you saw in the ad, which seems like the perfect solution.  In the end, you go for the better-equipped vehicle and pay significantly more than you imagined. The overall goal from the start was to get you into the dealership and sell you a much more expensive vehicle than you originally wanted.

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