The Largest Car Manufacturers

Cars become an integral part of modern society, and consumers constantly looking for reliable cars. They hope to own a car that provide them with a safety factor while on the move. The reliability of a car often judged by its actual performance and brand reputation. Since customers usually turn to large companies, these are some of the largest car manufacturers. Furthermore, the information based on the number of cars each company sells globally. Firstly, Suzuki which is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer, and markets its cars in more than 190-countries. It is also the largest producer of small cars in Japan. It is a large producer for cars that have great popularity in Japan. So, this popularity is due to severe congestion in Japanese cities. Secondly, PSA which is a French automobile company. And it produces cars and trucks. In the previous year, it sold 4.125 million cars, and Carlos Tavares is its CEO. Thirdly, Fiat Chrysler which is an Italian-American automaker. Fiat Chrysler is the founder of the company. This company is one of the Big Three American car manufacturers. Moreover, it has 159 factories around the world.

Other Companies  

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Honda is a Japanese company founded in 1948 by Japanese engineer and racing car driver Soichiro Honda. Its headquarters located in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. Last year, it sold 5.265 million cars .The company increasingly focusing on electric cars, and aims to make three-quarters. It plans to do this by 2030, with Takahiro Hachijo serving as its CEO. Another large autos company is Ford which American. This company sold 5.734 million cars last year. This company founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. It is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. All in all these are some of the largest autos manufactures.