The most important parts of the car

Your knowledge of all the main and important parts of the car is a must, and this helps you to determine

the part that needs maintenance or change.

There are many car parts, but here we will show you the most important parts that help move the car and its rotation.

The most important parts of the car

Car engine

The engine is considered the main part of the car, as it contains the machine that helps

in rotating the car and generates enough torque to move the car and move around with it.
There are two types of engines:
Gasoline engine: Gasoline fuel is faster in combustion, which helps in accelerating the car in a very large way,

and you will notice that most fast cars use gasoline fuel because it mixes with air easily and produces

combustion with just a small spark, and the spark plugs are a mixture between air and fuel.

Diesel engine: It is similar to the gasoline engine in terms of combustion,

but the difference between them is that the gasoline engine mixes air and fuel beforehand,

but diesel engines use injectors to spray fuel inside the cylinders, and therefore they need a higher pressure ratio to ensure mixing of air and fuel.

gearshift lever

The transmission that allows you to choose the gear you want to move the car forward or backward, you will find two types of transmission:

Manual Transmission: The lever contains different speeds to move the car forward, and you will find these speeds written on the lever.

By pressing the clutch, you can shift the speed with ease.
Automatic transmission: You will find four gears with signs painted next to the car,

and you do not need to shift the gear with your hand,

but the transmission on its own determines the appropriate gear to move the car at the appropriate speed.


The brakes help bring the car to a complete stop or slow down if you are traveling on highways.
Handbrake: This brake is used in an emergency and is independent of the main brake system.

It is often used if you do not want to drive the car, so you must use it to brake the rear wheels and prevent the car from moving.