Luxury Cars In UAE

The right type of luxury cars in UAE

Here on the Simply Car Buyers blog, we often talk about how luxurious the experience of driving can be. After all, our goal is to buy your current car for a fair price so you can afford a truly high-class vehicle. However, it’s worth noting that there are different kinds of luxury. Mercedes, BMW and Lexus are three of the biggest names in luxury car manufacturing, but each one offers completely different vehicles. Which one offers the right kind of luxury for you? In today’s blog, we’ll help you answer that question so you can choose your next car with confidence.


BMW Luxury Car UAEBMW are known for offering large powerful vehicles. BMW cars combine interior comfort and spaciousness with immense durability and an air of rugged masculinity. If you want a car that expresses dynamism, toughness and adventurousness, it’s worth looking at BMW’s range first. Of course, for drivers in the UAE, BMW vehicles offer practical advantages too. Driving between major cities in the UAE can be an uphill struggle for some vehicles due to hot weather and variable road conditions. BMW cars can take these issues in their stride, making them an ideal long-range transport option for UAE nomads. If you’re interested in the type of luxury offered by BMW, you should be aware that the manufacturer has recently released its 2017 BMW 5 Series.


Mercedes Luxury Car UAEMercedes cars can be summed up in one word: “stately”. Mercedes produces vehicles that are large but don’t seem domineering and which are often capable of great speed but don’t seem aggressive. In short, this manufacturer offers statesmanlike dignity. Mercedes cars aren’t just comfortable, they’re refined and genteel. They’re ideal for impressing passers-by when driving around town. If you’re based in Dubai (the world’s most luxurious city), Mercedes might be the manufacturer for you. If you want to add a touch of timeless class to your luxury driving experience, you should note that the latest Mercedes-Benz E-class Saloon is now available.


Lexus Luxury Car UAELexus predominantly offer streamlined, sporty vehicles. Many of their machines are also hybrids, which makes them perfect for environmentally-conscious car buyers. Lexus cars are highly versatile and are equally at home in town or on the open road. If you want a fast, energetic and joyously youthful driving experience, we recommend checking out the 2017 Lexus ES.

Whatever type of luxury you want, there’s a manufacturer out there that can provide it. Sell your old car today and invest the profits in a brand new luxury vehicle.