This New Lexus LFA Redesign Puts The Electricity

The Lexus LFA gets a new custom body design and aerodynamic features, along with an electric powertrain and awesome glass roof.

Lexus’ LFA is a Japanese sports car that won’t die – many are still mourning its death and calling for its successor a decade after it finished production.

Why it’s an icon, a classic and a favorite for many is down to different factors, sure, but it also had a kind of X-factor that many other premium performance coupes can aspire to.

As we’ll see, the Lexus LFA has been back in the press recently for an important reason and so now seems like as better time as any to speculate on how the familiar Japanese coupe might look on the outside if it returned tomorrow.
These new renders are exclusives courtesy of HotCars artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel and portray the LFA like you’ve never seen it before – let’s take a closer look.

Lexus LFA
Looking at the render we can see that it is a sleek, two-door coupe, with a long hood that connects with a windshield and eventually a long sloping roofline to the short rear section.

Of course, most of the details and features are new, but you can see how the black cut-outs and grills below the headlights and tail lamps serve as inspiration for the render.

It has large rims, double-deck LED lights and a very low front splitter and bumper section.

A curvy door, low side sills with ducts behind the front wheels and an uninterrupted glass house from the windshield all the way back to the trunk.

Up back, there are no triple exhausts, just an immense rear diffuser section that you must see to believe – overall, it perhaps looks to have more in common with the Lotus Evija than a Japanese sports car – more on that later.