Top Automobile Manufacturers

Roads around the world everyday host new cars. From time to time, automobile owners increase and companies say farewell to their prestigious autos. But has anyone of those owners asked himself or herself this question: who is the top automobile manufacturer? Companies are in swift rush for producing state-of-the-arts auto that leap in the auction platform of cars exhibition.
There are four companies at the peak of top motors manufacturers. These companies are Volkswagen Group, Toyota Group, Renault Nissan Alliance and General Motors. After a long history to striving and hard work the previous companies crept upon the ladder of success. The top auto manufacturer world wide is Volkswagen Group.


Volkswagen Group vs. Toyota Group
Both are well-known around the world by their good reputation. German cars companies including Volkswagen have the feature of being solid and long lasting. This why people around the world in general and business men are in rush for gaining a German car. On the other hand, Toyota autos are not less than their counterparts being strong and luxurious.




Renault Nissan Alliance vs. General Motors
The former is the third worldwide cars producer and the latter is the fourth. All of them are perfect cars the invade cars’ showroom in many countries. Being a Japanese company, Nissan in a blink of eye developed and find its way to be a top ranged company. Not to mention the same characteristic General Motors furnished a considerable plat form in the UAE. And since then, American cars hit the sky of the UAE. In conclusion, to make sure that you are not baffled when buying a car, choose one from these top ranged companies.