Touring Sperleggera: Beyond Autos World

Touring Sperleggera is one of the autos’ that the UK that springs to what is beyond autos world. The designers crafted it according to customers’ requests. You may not have imagined a such kind of auto with elegantly designed body. It does not look like race-cars but it is even more, something designed for the sky navigation may be. Furthermore, it is V12 spectacular car for those who really know what automotive world is. To clarify, the bonnet or the hood opens towards the front as well as the two doors. However, the boot or the trunk opens towards the back providing the car with a space navigator shape.

Design & Features

Of course, the design and the features of this auto are so high. The way of which the hood, boot and two doors open is totally different than other autos. Furthermore, when you open all these parts at once the car looks robotic, muscular and robust. It is a result of que of state-of-the-arts outstanding autos. In addition, there are radiators on both front sides. The design of the grid is functional and it is an aerodynamic. Although the headlight is single, it is robust enough to light long distance. Unlike other autos the badge of the car in not on the front of the hood but at the middle.

There are three cooling holes for the engine that are body-built in. Moreover, there are two exhaust pipes with oblong shape. The engine is 6.3 L DOHC with 48-valve and 8,250 rpm. Furthermore, the transmission is a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. Shedding the light on the layout, there are only two door and two passengers and front-engine RWD coupe. In conclusion, the Touring Sperleggera is an undoubtedly well-designed autos which hits the spot perfectly.