BMW i4 performance EV Sedan

One of the most interesting high performance EV sedan is 2022 BMW i4. This auto has lots of fascinating characteristics that well will explore them in this blog. So, this will include the interior and exterior design. Shedding the light on technology, all of the screens are touch screens with a crystal-clear display and resolution. The 2022 BMW i4 is a collection of previous three coupes series of last year in body style, size and many other features. The grid in the front provides i4 with a very unique appearance, more specifically sporty look. Furthermore, it looks smaller because of the gigantic number plate that located at the center of the grid.

Fascinating Design

The overall design of 2022 BMW i4 is pretty fascinating. Firstly, the tail lights have curvature with a very crystal-clear resolution; it is very stylish. Shedding the spot light on the exhaust pipe, there are four exhaust pipes in a stylish design. This unique design provides the car with a shape of modernity. Practically, there is a suitable space for foot and head rooms for all passengers. In addition, there is a plenty of storage space. The one of cup-holder has a cover with a sensor you touch it and it opens immediately. Once again, the screens are perfect in design and very responsive.

Features and Specifications

This auto is a front-and-rear-motor, all-wheel-drive with five passengers’ capacity. Furthermore, it is a hatchback auto with four doors, of course. The torque of the auto is 317 Ib.ft with 5,000 rpm. The type of transmission used in this auto is single speed, automatic. Furthermore, the back storage is large and pretty enough for carrying lot of luggage. Finally, 2022 BMW i4 is an ideal example auto which combines between modernity and practicality.