Tracking Stolen Automobiles

“Oh no! the thief has stolen the car”. This is a traditional saying that remain unheard for quiet long time. Thieves become clever enough that they hide themselves even from CC. T.V. Therefore, when they steel a car, they wear a facial mask that no body can detect them even when the CC. T.V cannot do so. The police may take months or even years to take the car back.


Diverse Cars’ Security Devices

What is the perfect solution for cars’ thefts? Scientists thought about this problem and they suggested lots of various solutions. The Steering Wheel Lock, Tyres Lock and Kill Switch are the most used devices for securing cars in the past. However, the world changed dramatically, and there are lots of modern cars’ security methods for doing so.



Smart Stop/Start

One of the easiest ways to control your car is using an app through the phone. The app is The AUTO DN GUY. You just need to install it on the phone and enjoy instant remote control. There are lots of tasks that you can do through this app. You can switch on or off the engine and track your auto when a thief steals it.

Instant Reaction

The app sends you a message immediately when a thief steals the auto. As you receive the message through the app you have to switch off the car. They you ought to use the GPS to track your car. When you switch off the car the thief will not be able to switch it on again. This will give you a great deal of time to find it.