A romantic Auto

Have you ever heard about a romantic car? It is labelled the most wonderful car in the world. This car is lavish and stylish. Of course, the interior part of the car is reddish. It is an electric car, and it is lavish. In order to out the almost all the roof opens. It is like opening a treasure box. There are no side doors. It is automatic auto, but you can change it to manual as well.

Incredible Cooling System

Since it is an electronic car, there are lots of batteries supporting it. Batteries at the bonnet and at the back. However, the wondering thing about the car is that it has six-sided holes. They look like honey beehive holes! They are not for decoration, but they are used for cooling. As the car kicks off, air rotates through the batteries to cool them.






Tail Lights

This romantic car has a state-of-the-arts tail lights. When you switch on the car, they rotate making flashing lights. This is like the ones in Maybach. But the difference is that the former uses digital light tech. This enables the motorist to communicate the outside world more easily. On the other hand, the front lights give the car a decorative shape.


Safer Tyre’s & Perfect Interior

Like the bonnet honey holes, the tyre’s have a honey contour. Unlike other simple tyre’s of cars, these tyre’s are made out of two layers. The outer layer is hard and the inner is rubber. There is more storage space at the engine and at the rear part of the car!