Traffic fines and regulations in the UAE

The Abu Dhabi police department has posted a number of alerts for drivers in the UAE reminding them of traffic rules, safety and traffic law amendments. These can all now be found on their social media platforms and they include a reminder that motorists causing heavy noise pollution will receive a fine of Dh 2,000 alongside 12 points added to their licence and possible impoundment of the vehicle.

UAE traffic regulations were amended in July 2017 and some of the amendments posted include:

  1. Fines of Dh8,000 for drivers caught using a mobile phone or texting while driving. Four black points will also be issued to licences for drivers caught using their phones.
  2. Fines of Dh20,000 for drivers caught while under the influence of alcohol. Possible jail sentences will also be considered for these cases, alongside 23 black points and vehicle impounded for 60 days.
  3. Worn and faulty tyres on vehicles being driven can also result in fines of up to Dh500 as well as four black points added to licences and vehicle impounded for seven days.
  4. Driving without valid motor insurance and registration attracts a fine of Dh500 and four black points, together with a seven day vehicle impounded.
  5. Drivers of vehicles with window tints above 50 percent will be fined Dh3000, with a 60 day vehicle impounded and 23 black points added to the driver’s licence.
  6. All passengers within a vehicle being driven in the UAE are obliged to wear seat belts. Failure to wear a seat belt results in a fine of Dh400 and four black points.
  7. Getting caught ignoring traffic lights will result in a fine of Dh1,000 and attracts 12 black points and vehicle impounded for a month.

You can check out the full range of traffic rules online by visiting the social media sites of the Abu Dhabi police force.

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