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UAE prepares for rating system for car workshops

Motorists in Abu Dhabi can look forward to greater protection from the authorities when it comes to car servicing and repairs.

That’s down to a pilot project which will be brought in by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council – from now on, workshops will be rated one to five, according to the quality of their service.

Car Workshop DubaiThe National newspaper reports that the new rating system will be based around health and safety, security, tools and equipment, methodology, appearance and materials. Not only is it hoped that the initiative will cut out the problem of sub standard workmanship, but also to empower drivers to make more informed buying choices.

Speaking to the newspaper, Jonathan Taylor, Al Futtaim Motors’ general manager, gave his backing to the scheme. He said: “The initiative is one step forward towards better safety on the roads. It will help regulate the after-sales scene and put some higher standards to existing garages, which will filter out workshops with lower standards and leave only those that can perform decent jobs. That will help to curb maintenance and repair-related issues resulting from poor servicing.”

The news is also likely to be welcomed by authorised dealers and workshops who are in line for high ratings due to their use of genuine parts and manufacturer approved work processes.

Another early supporter of the scheme is the National Traffic Safety Institute, which has highlighted the number of drivers who are concerned about serious defects which have surfaced in their cars. The Institute says these are the results of them being serviced by technicians who do not have the necessary skills or tools to do the job properly.

Next in the pipeline could be the requirement that workshop personnel have the necessary credentials to undertake work, which could be enforced by way of a test which every technician and mechanic must take before they commence a position. Given the rapid advances of technologies pertaining to the latest car models, these tests would have to be updated on a regular basis in order to remain relevant.