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Bentley unleashes limited-edition SZR Mulliner exclusive to UAE

In one of the most exciting pieces of transport news in UAE this year, we can reveal that Bentley’s latest run of vehicles have been crafted with the Emirates in mind.

The UAE has always had a soft spot for Bentley – the iconic motoring brand recently opened its largest showroom to date in the country – and now residents are set to be given exclusive access to a limited run of three vehicles, known as SZR by Mulliner.

Each of the vehicles have been designed by Bentley’s in-house luxury department and are based on the classic Bentley Continental GTC V8. The cars are finished in an eye-catching ghost-white paint job which contrasts with touches of orange flame on the hood and trims.

Luxury interior

Bently InteriorNo expense is spared inside each of the models, which feature a sumptuous tri-tone interior that perfectly and understatedly compliments the exterior.

Said interior is manufactured from an all-new trim, known as “sparkle carbon”, which is a combination of three fabrics – copper foil, carbon fibre and metal wire. These are combined and then meticulously polished, lacquered and cut down to size to provide a luxurious fascia, instrument panel and console.

As can be expected from Bentley, there’s no shortage of premium features for comfort and added enjoyment on the road. The cockpit features memory foam seats, ventilation, an intuitive multimedia system with touchscreen functionality for ease of use, and everything else in between.

The king of luxury cars: what’s under the hood?

As could be predicted, Bentley’s signature 4-litre twin turbo V8 petrol motor is the beating heart of each model, providing power to all four wheels. With a 520bhp rating, this UAE exclusive soft-top can reach speeds of 100km/h in just 4.7 seconds.

New cars in the UAE

Bently MullinerWhen asked for comment, Stephen Reynolds, the regional director for Bentley in the UAE, said that the company wanted to do “something special” for its loyal customer base in the UAE, and that the custom Mulliner designs will cement the loyal relationship between Bentley and Emirates-based Al Habtoor Motors, which is regarded as one of Bentley’s most revered global partners.