Warning for Holiday-goers in the UAE

Strapped luggage on cars’ roof in the UAE is not a novice sight. Travelling is one of the unstoppable habits of UAE holiday-goers. But the problem is that sometimes those holiday-goers take lots of luggage on their cars roof. Those motorists are undoubtedly very skillful drivers. They can drive so fast without committing accidents. But the problem is that loading cars roof with so many luggage comes at the expense of safe driving. The Road Traffic Authority RTA warns motorists not to carry suitcases above the height of 60 cm.



Carrying lots of luggage on cars’ roofs could make the autos loses its balance. For instance, when there is wind that hits constantly against the car, the auto may partially lose its control. Therefore, traffic authorities in the UAE have warned motorists not to fall victim of this negative aspect of driving. Not only tourists carry lots of suitcases on their cars roof, but some residents and do so as well.




Paved Roads & Off-road Driving

On paved roads drivers speed up undoubtedly. They may forget about the heavy load suitcases that they are carrying. As the car goes in a top gear drive, the luggage becomes lighter. As a result, the wind can easily take them off the roof, and the rear car’s windscreen damages. In off-road driving, carrying lots of luggage on cars roof may upside down the car. This may happen because there are lots of ground holes that these cars come across.

In conclusion, carrying luggage above a height of 60 cm in the UAE road is not permissible. RTA advises motorists to adhere to traffic law and avoid getting black points.