Collision Avoidance System in the UAE

The overwhelming number of autos’ accidents often occurs as a result of less concentration. However, motorists sometimes drive absent-minded as a result they commit accidents. But technologists spent lots of effort to solve this problem. Collision avoidance system is designed to warn reckless drivers about other auto in front of them. In some state-of-the-arts motors, these safety systems inextricable intertwine with the main system of the car.


Ideal Solution

As I mentioned that some modern cars have safety systems, others have no safety system. If your car has no collision avoidance system, it is not the end of the world. There are lots of collision avoidance installable systems that can function harmoniously with any auto. Some systems warn the motorist via flashing light. Others make sound hazard. The lavish one sends signal immediately to the braking system. When the braking system receives a hint it stops the car automatically.



Backup Cameras

Another interesting solution to avoid accidents is to use back cameras. But the problem is that not all autos on roads do have cameras to interact with each other. In this case, motorists can use these cameras to know the safety distance between them and other cars. If you feel that other cars tailgate so near to yours speed up a little to leave safety distance.  Backup cameras can assist also in parking. Not only this, but these kinds of cameras provide you with a clear vision even during night!

Pros and Cons

This smart system has undoubtedly thousands of benefits. The most valued one is forward-collision avoidance. Another essential benefit is that the both cars remain without any harm. On the other hand, this technology can encourage reckless motorists to pay no attention on the road. They will depend mainly on the system. To put it in a nutshell, motorists should pay lots of attention while driving and use collision avoidance system wisely.