When will the oil run out?

When will the oil run out?. So، let’s go back to the beginning. Oil will not run out soon, and it is not expected to run out soon. Despite the speculation of pessimists. They place the “top” of the chart around 2015, with a maximum production estimated at thirty thousand million barrels per year. Production is on its way down to 15 thousand million barrels per year, by the year 2050.
We also find other forecasts based on IEA models. And it goes on to clarify some investments for which the agency itself sets figures for the next thirty years. With 22 billion dollars, according to the daily consumption measurement of more than ninety million barrels per day. Some raise it to 116 million. There is a high probability that the available reserve will reach three billion. Or, with a weak possibility, it may reach four billion. And the sloped graph line up to the year 2100.
Thus, the peak of production and the level of its decline depend on two completely different points of view. Where can be placed the years 2012 -2015. Or at a point approaching the years 2030-2040. According to the approved point of view.
But none of this exempts humanity from the golden rule. She seems to be stubbornly ignoring it until now. Namely, the natural resources of our Earth are not infinite. And its management is not exclusive to our generation. Rather, we have to take into account the interests of future generations. The rest is covered by our financial capabilities and the extent of our superiority.