World Classic Car Race: UAE

World Classic Car Racing is one of the most popular types of motor racing in UAE. The world evolved and car pioneers become followers of different types of global car racing. To exemplify, Formula One and Fast and Furious are some of them. However, this global race for classic cars finds its echo as well. It got a great importance that is no less important than the importance and of modern races. This race is a thousand mile experience. Therefore, these events held with the support of the Media Identity Office for the UAE. The celebration coincided with the December anniversary of the Golden Jubilee, the fifty years since the founding.

World Classic Car Race: UAEOutstanding International Routs

This race reflects the extent of preparation and readiness of the UAE roads that connect its seven emirates. This race characterized by distinguished media coverage consisting of no less than 6,000 journalists worldwide. Accordingly, this indicates the importance of the race, which represents a kind of unified tourism among the people scattered around the world. They come to watch the enrichment of the field of tourism and other things. Not only that, but it covers more than 1,000 media outlets. The organization of this unique global race reflects the capabilities of the UAE to host such global-events.

And since lately, the thousand-mile race has turned into the most important race in the world. The cars that compete in this race characterized by efficiency, power and super speed. What distinguishes this race is the use of classic cars. Accordingly, holding this race in the United Arab Emirates reflected a great regional and global interaction. And thanks to the organization of these events. The UAE become a successful and distinguished destination in holding international races. It has the ability to accommodate the huge numbers of car racing fans.