Young Drivers in UAE: Cars Insurance

In order to maintain an insurance for a car in the UAE, you should have legal documents. This is regardless of the drivers’ age, experience and other legal document for driving. There are wide range of factors affect this procedure. Amongst these factors is the driver’s age. To clarify more, the younger the driver, the higher the premium becomes. The reverse is true for adult drivers. Actually, for all drivers aging 18 up to 25 the offer of insurance is separate. It is higher than the people who are older than this age. The reason behind this seems to be that to the driving style of those of this age. The authorities require this from the teens when they own a car and intend to drive.  However, it is costlier. To exemplify, if an auto’s value is 100,000 AED, the premium for it is 2.5%. On the other hand, for youth, the premium will escalate up to 2.76% or even a worth 3%. Someone may ask a question, why? Simply, the reason behind this high payment for youth is their surge involvement in accident causing. This is because of the fact that there are lots of young drivers who driver carelessly. So, the habit of driving carelessly becomes inextricably linked to youth.

Lack of Experience

No doubt that the striking majority of young drivers lack the required experience of road driving. Besides this, they tend to take risk. For-instance, during the previous celebration of the New-Year – young drivers constituted almost all the proportion of accidents. Therefore, insurance-companies do ask for higher price and higher-premium in order to cover the cost of damage. Now, it is crystal clear why young drivers should pay high price. In conclusion, safe driving depends on the responsibility of people of all ages to drive responsibly.