Car Classification in the UAE

There are various cars classification in the UAE, which are suitable enough for most people. The striking majority of youth after the age of eighteen they opt to own and drive a car. So, before buying a car it is better for them to know the various types of autos classifications. However, there is a problem tangled to this interest of owning sport or luxurious car. This dilemma is the soring price that inextricably intertwined with these autos. Afford these cars teenagers should have a strong financial capacity of selling. In order to plane for this teens can set a futuristic plan. On the other hand, the price of these sport and luxurious cars is not stagnant. It changes from time to time instantly. Hence, there are a wide variety of autos genre which may put the striking majority of specifications in one package.

Wide Diversity

Some of these kinds are: four by four or four wheels drive, coupes and sedans. Coupe is an auto with only two doors, unlike other autos with four doors. In addition, they have fixed roofs and convertible ones. Both of roofs are okay: however, the latter is much better than the former. Interestingly, the idea of single two seats derived from horse cars. These traditional cars do have two seats only.

However, the rooftop can move, but in not more than two sections while the other parts remain intact. Another model of convertible coupé has a drop head with a movable hardtop. Coupés offer their owners advantages of convertible cars, as well cars with fixed-roofs. Some coupé cars include Bentley coupé de ville, Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Ford coupé, Honda Civic coupé, Saturn Ion 4-door coupé, Dodge Stratus, and BMW E46 coupé among others. The second type is sedan in other words saloons. These autos have three compartments, that is to say A, B and C. Designers devote the major compartment for load, passengers and most importantly the engine. There are two rows of seats for passengers. In addition, the load occupies the back space – to increase road traction.