Your Futuristic Dream Car: BMW

Many people regard BMW their futuristic dream car. This is because of the fact that it has many technological aspects that makes it outstanding as a dream car. Automatic driving is one of the technological features that awards drivers lots of spare time. So, they can use this time for completing unfinished tasks and jobs. Honestly, there are two ways for driving BMW: manually and automatically. For instance, if you have to go through very long journey, you can start it by driving manually. Once you felt tired, you can switch to automatic driving and take your rest.

For Perfect Features Do This

What all you have to do is to activate this feature. However, do not forget adjusting the map of your destination. After doing this, the car will direct itself subtly through the way. Do not panic at all, BMW has all technologies and sensors that enable it to function properly. There is a wide array of sensors located at all angles of the car including the dashboard. Furthermore, they work interchangeably with other parts of the car to avoid colliding with objects.

How Does Collision System Work?

Once the sensors detected an object, it sends swiftly a picture of it to the central processing unit. When this unit receives a picture, it sends a warning message to the braking system. It starts to slow down the car. However, if the other car or object is very near it skims this stage. Therefore, it breaks down the movement of the car out of a sudden. So, the car safely avoids the object or the other car without obstacles. All these processes happen in just a fraction of seconds for safety sake. The difference between manual driving and automatic one drawn by two buttons, i.e. ease and boost.