Your Futuristic Dream Car: BMW

Many people regard BMW their futuristic dream car. This is because of the fact that it has many technological aspects that makes it outstanding as a dream car. Automatic driving is one of the technological features that awards drivers lots of spare time. So, they can use this time for completing unfinished tasks and jobs. Honestly, there are two ways for driving BMW: manually and automatically. For instance, if you have to go through very long journey, you can start it by driving manually. Once you felt tired, you can switch to automatic driving and take your rest.

For Perfect Features Do This

What all you have to do is to activate this feature. However, do not forget adjusting the map of your destination. After doing this, the car will direct itself subtly through the way. Do not panic at all, BMW has all technologies and sensors that enable it to function properly. There is a wide array of sensors located at all angles of the car including the dashboard. Furthermore, they work interchangeably with other parts of the car to avoid colliding with objects.

How Does Collision System Work?

Once the sensors detected an object, it sends swiftly a picture of it to the central processing unit. When this unit receives a picture, it sends a warning message to the braking system. It starts to slow down the car. However, if the other car or object is very near it skims this stage. Therefore, it breaks down the movement of the car out of a sudden. So, the car safely avoids the object or the other car without obstacles. All these processes happen in just a fraction of seconds for safety sake. The difference between manual driving and automatic one drawn by two buttons, i.e. ease and boost.

Autos New Inventions Hits The World

There is a wide array of autos new inventions that hit the world every month. This reached the extent that some motorists are unable to cope with these novice inventions. In this blog, we are going to explore these recent autos’ technology. To start with, World of technologies are very important aspect of modern societies. The most civilized society is the one that utilizes a diversity of technological devices. They are essential in our life because of the fact that they save us time, effort and money. Therefore, people in general and motorists in specific should care about these technological devices. Hence, they will enjoy easy and luxurious life.

Gesture’s Devices

There is an App that makes it easy for your car to understand your gestures. Hence, no need for you to do the action yourself. You need just to make a gesture, and your car will, immediately, implement your order. For instance, if you would like to increase the volume of the radio, scroll your hand in the air near it.  As a result, the radio increases the radio’s volume. The reverse is true for decreasing the sound of the radio. Another interesting example, you can repeat the same previous process for switching off lamps.

Automatic Driving

The second invention is self-driving cars. It is true that people spend much time commuting from a place to another. They can better make use of their time and effort by utilizing a self-driving car. If they do so, they will probably spare lots of time and effort. They do not need to concentrate on road, avoiding rear cars and paying attention to back ones. Furthermore, they can accomplish their work during the journey. In conclusion, there is a wide array of technologies for motorists to choose from.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane Departure Warnings is one of the vital tasks that automatic driving reliefs. The most important thing that drivers has to care about is keeping driving on your lane. Any departure of your main lane can cause irreversible damage to you, passengers and your car. Therefore, drivers have to stay focused on the road never leave it. On the other hand, there are lots of road distractors that often keep motorists off-road. For instance, drivers may be distracted by using mobile phones – meanwhile they fetch a message or responding to a missed call. In this case, the driver may unintentionally leave the road.

Danger of Lane Departure

The danger of lane departure embeds on causing lots dreadful road accidents. These accidents often involve two or more autos. Anyhow, the danger implies on the fact that drivers and passengers get affected by the accident. Fortunately, the drivers on the other side of the road may be awake and get rid of collision. Unfortunately, the motorist may get some warnings for his/her dashboard. However, s/he may not be able to avoid the accident because of another car present on the other lane of the road. In this case, there is no way to avoid the accident. If motorists become very aware about the danger of road departure, they will pay lots of attention.


An Array of Solutions

According to this escalating problem automakers have designed an array of solutions. One of these solutions is Lane Keep Assist or Lane Departure Warning. These apps aiming at helping drivers to stay focused and keep their cars concentrated on road. Anyhow, there lane barriers help motorists to know the boundaries of the road. But this is not enough. The main function of the Lane Departure waring is to warn the driver when s/he leaves the road unintentionally.

Ventilated and Heated Auto Seats

Heated and ventilated seats are one of the most important aspects of comfort in cars. Both drivers and passengers would not feel that kind of comfort if they fidget. Since the driver is not feeling relax because of bothering seats this will affect his performance. Anyhow, the most the drivers feel relax and comfortable, he/she will drive in a good way. Some cars’ seats are not comfortable at all because they do not have ventilation. The most important thing in seat is ventilation.  There should be some holes that allow the air to go in and out smoothly and uninterruptedly.

The Air Condition

The heated and ventilated seats are designed to provide drivers with comfort. It is true that there are different kinds of seats covering. The most common one is the plastic. However, this type of coating is not ideal. The reason behind this is that, the plastic one is problematic throughout all seasons of the year. For instance, in summer, their temperature is always at their peaks. Accordingly, heated and ventilated seats can solve this problem. They alleviate the embarrassing heat that makes drivers back in state of sweating. There will always be solution for every problem.


Another Consequence

Another problem that is tangled with the traditional autos seats is difficulty in adaptability. During winter, the seats are always so cold. In other words, the seats’ temperature is very cold, so the seats are not comfortable too. The best solution as I stated so far is to use ventilated heated seats. They always cope with the temperature of the weather, and they are controllable. Some drivers use leather seats; they are better than the plastic ones. All in all, there are a wide range of seats available to motor drivers. The ultimate option is the heated and ventilated seats.

Various Cars’ Driving Modes

Have you ever heard of Various Cars’ Driving Modes? This question may baffle lots of people! You may have asked yourself now the following question. How can cars have various modes? We will tell you that this is true; cars have various modes just like human have. But there are some differences. Of course it is illogical to say that cars have different modes just like humans. Human beings have very complicated behaviors and you can not anticipate any of them so easily. However, what is meant here by cars’ modes is the way of control. To put it clearer, it they refer the how do they control themselves? However, this is mutually related to suspension and so on.

Eco Mode V.s EV Mode

An unexpected change on human behavior denotes negative trait. On the other hand, the presence of such behavior in cars is signal of maturity! Have you ever considered this one day? To clarify more, when cars speed up to a very higher level of speed, it will adjust to a certain mode. When the car brakes suddenly because of an object or a pedestrian, it will shift to another mode. These two modes that I mentioned in the previous subtitle are the most common cars’ driving modes. Shifting between these modes does not require more than shifting the AC.


Luxurious Features

The other modes that you can adjust are: comfort, sport/plus, normal and eco. Each one of these mode has a different feature that you can enjoy while driving. For instance, drivers may only use little electric power if they are not in hurry. This will help them to spare more power when they need it at critical time. On the contrary, if they are in hurry, they can access all source of power in the car. This will enable them to enjoy speedy and proficient drive.

Instant Safe Cars Parking

Traditional cars had now instant safe parking like the ones of today. In the past, cars only have mirrors that drivers can use in order to park. For instance, if a driver wants to park his or her car there should be someone standing at the back. The function of this person is to tell the driver to turn right or left. Accordingly, the driver does as he or she ordered to just park the car. Or the driver has to look through the window. This is just to steal a glance of the back of the car. There could be a more civilized way of doing so.

Technological Interference                                

This seems to be a little problem that any skillful driver can solve. However, it is not true. Even skillful drivers can fall in some problems of hitting an object at the back of the car. Therefore, using a well-designed technological device can solve the problem in a perfect way. Nowadays, technology revolutionized the way that drivers use cars. There is a great deal of technological assistance for motorists. These technological assistances will help them to perform better on roads. The following will be about parking without scratching your car.



How does it work?

There are lots of sensors and cameras attached to the car. The function of these cameras and sensors is to provide the car’s system with the information required. The car’s system will use this information to brake the car automatically. On the other hand, there a wide screen on the dashboard which also provides a holistic picture. This holistic picture will make the driver in no need to look back to get a view. However, when parking, there are so pedestrian that may come across without the knowledge of the driver. The system is also designed to deal with such kind of cases. All in all, technology helped drivers to drive and park safely in many ways.

Autos’ Lights; Sign of Luxury

Autos’ interior lights may not denote cutting edge technology. On the other hand, luxurious cars often use fashionable lightings to decorate their autos. If you pay a little concentration on luxurious cars such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class you will realize that. Of course both kinds of lights can denote luxury: interior and exterior. The interior light is important to help on seeing the interior of the car. In other words, they are important to gain interior vision. In some luxurious car the interior light can make different colored flashing lights. So, it could be a little fun.

Muchkey Global Auto Interior Lights

One of the luxurious interior car lights ever present is Muchkey. This company often very much concern about customers demand. Therefore, they provide lots products tailed according to customers’ taste. Anyway, this company produced a kind of technological device that launch a shaped light into the interior part of the car according to the drivers’ request. The lights look like circular spots. They decorate the car’s interior in a very astonishing way. To your surprise, you may believe that the color of the light is inseparable part of the roof yet it is not true.





Another Surprise

Another interesting surprise is that you can shape the lights according to your taste. In order to power this technological device you have to plug it to your car’s charger. When you do so it works. Then you have to select the way that you would like it to play. You can play it as a light beam only. In this case, it will launch a constant beam-light like the one of the exterior. There is a button you can use to select the color as well. The other option round is choose a flashing light. In this case, glamorous lights will decorate your whole auto’s interior.

Adaptive Cruise Control (Dynamic Radar Cruise)

Had you know that Adaptive Cruise Control is the grandparent of all aids technology? But before going through this topic, let us answer this question; what is Adaptive Cruise Control? Firstly, it maintains a set of traditional cruise control. However, it can control the speed according to traffic flow. Furthermore, it can take the majority of driving burdens off the driver’s responsibility. Another name for Adaptive Cruise Control is Dynamic Radar Cruise or Intelligent Cruise Control. All these names are used interchangeably to refer to Adaptive Cruise Control. Automakers name this brand differently. Anyhow, the assistance that drivers can get from this technological aid is countless.

screen Function of Dynamic Radar Cruise

It is true that Adaptive Cruise Control has many names and automakers name it differently. However, regardless of the name, Intelligent Cruise Control has many important functions. Furthermore, the most important aspect is speed control. This means that your auto will accelerate and decelerate without your interference. So you will stay free form some of the tasks that you have to do. The Adaptive Cruise Control does this function according to the cars around you. When they speed up, it speeds up and the reverse is also true.



Some Drawbacks

Although this technology is so beneficial to drivers in many ways, it has some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that it may help drivers to pay just little attention to the road. This often happens when the road is clotted by lots of autos. As the road becomes so busy, drivers too become so busy with their phones. They respond to some short messages and make the majority of called related to their work. This attraction diversion will probably affect the drivers’ focus on roads. Therefore, they may make some accidents. Fortunately, such kinds of accidents are always mild!!!

Thwart Device Against Car Theft

In the past, the problem of stealing cars made a big challenge for motorists to keep their autos safe. On the other hand, car manufacturers did not put into consideration such unexpected problem that is related to honesty. As car manufacturers stop folding a hand over a hand, technological devices rushed in to solve the problem. There are great deals of technological devices that aim at preventing thieves from stealing cars. These technological devices vary in how they achieve this task. So, some of them make a sound as a hazard while others lock the external wheel. On the contrary, others lock the internal wheel of steering.

Wheels Locking System

One of the effective tools of car theft prevention is the wheel locking system. This system operates by adjusting a lock into one of the car’s external wheels. By doing so, the car becomes unmovable unless the motorist opens it. However, there are some expert thieves who use something called a master key. The master key is used to unlock wide range of locks by using it. Therefore, the designer of the wheels locking system did a clever change in the wheels locking system. This change involves locating hazards on the locking system. Once the thief touched it, it produces hazardous sound. Therefore, the owner of the auto can come and check his/her auto.


Steering Wheel Locking System

Another very effective device for stopping car theft is the steering wheel locking system. This system is much safer than the previous one because of its location. However, accessing the steering wheel by thieves is a little bit demanding for them. Therefore, the steering wheel locking system gets its strength form here. In order to access it, thieves have to open one of the doors to go in. There are two alarming hazards before accessing the steering wheel: the body hazard and the steering wheel locking system’s hazard.

Smart Anti-theft Device For Autos: Disguising

So far, there were many anti-theft devices for autos that motorist often use to protect their cars against theft. However, many thieves became familiar with these devices and learnt how to decode them. Therefore, motorists should find another way round to baffle those thieves. One of the smart inventors designed some fearful pictures to stop thieves from approaching cars. For instance, a picture of a snake is displayed at the internal part of the car, behind the front class. The device is so simple, it is a camera that is fixed at the roof and it displays the pictures at the dashboard.

Drawbacks of Smart Anti-theft Device

One of the problems that smart anti-theft devices for cars face is familiarity. In other words, when thieves understand that there are cameras that display these pictures, they will become confident. To put it very clear, the effect of the smart anti-theft device will fade away gradually. Therefore, motorists should not depend mainly on such device for protecting their cars against thieves. There are other devices that function much better than this. But anyway, it is a good attempt which can be effective at the beginning.



Other Perfect Alternatives

The problem of stealing cars is escalating always at the third world countries. At these countries the roads are not connected with cameras and radars. Therefore, it is very easy for thieves to steal a car without being noticed for quite long time. But in other developed countries all roads watched with cameras and radars. Accordingly, it is a big challenge for cars thieves to do so. Anyway, car owners should be careful about their cars and use some technological devices for cars’ protection. Furthermore, they have to bear in mind that all these technological devices are effective, but smart thieve are present as well!!!