2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante : powerful and fast

This was a limited turn in an early-build example. But it was enough to confirm that the Performant does feel significantly different from the regular Urus. The Performant uses the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 as the regular Urus . It comes with output increased slightly to 657 horsepower. That’s a 16-hp increase over the standard version. Peak torque of 627 pound-feet is unchanged, as it represents the upper limit of what the eight-speed automatic gearbox can tolerate.

LamborghiniExperiencing the Performant Off Pavement :

The weight has also fallen slightly, with the Performant shedding about 104 pounds thanks to reduced sound deadening. The fitment of a carbon-fiber hood, It also comes with lighter steel springs swapped in. Despite that weight-loss regimen, the performance is still pretty porky. The Performant sits 0.8 inch closer to the road on its new springs. It continues to work in conjunction with adaptive dampers and a 48-volt active anti-roll system. It gets a new center differential that diverts more torque to the rear axle.

The Performant seems certain to feel firmer out in the real world. Especially when sitting on the larger 23-inch wheels . It’s definitely louder too even at a cruising pace the V-8 fills the cabin with a muscular hum .The Performant has indeed succeeded in turning the experience up a couple of notches. The V-8 sounds raspier and angrier above 4000 rpm with a fusillade of pops and rumbles. Whenever you ease the gas pedal. The gearbox is quicker to downshift in drive and holds onto gears longer. Although it lacks the savage quickness of a dual-clutch transmission.  It shifts more snappily than the regular Urus when you call upon it with the steering-wheel paddles This mode reduces the ESP intervention threshold and uses the torque-biasing rear differential. That  allows  a driver to achieve impressive angles of power oversteer. Which was fun in a beat-up prototype,