Audi S3: One Package Speed, Efficiency

The Audi S3 has the characteristics of high speed and efficiency put in one package. The previous generation of this auto beloved by many autos fans. However, this generation represents a new breakthrough in the world of Audi cars. The front grille of the auto became fascinating and it is functional, rather than decorative. It became larger than what it was in the previous generation. Furthermore, lights appear around the grille when the car switches and controlled easily. On the grille, there is Audi logo prominently displayed. One of the things that distinguishes the Audi is the very impressive headlights, the lighting emerges gradually.

Audi S3Astonishing Design

In front lighting, there are three types of lighting and the lighting lens looks like a screen. But the right lighting differs from the left to some extent. In the light direction towards the driver, the lighting appears at the bottom. This design is not present in many other cutting-edge cars. The same method of front lighting found in rear hazards. Furthermore, there are sharp and convex curves on the sides of the car, to reflect the beautiful and attractive look. There are air vents on the sides near the doors. In many cars, the rear tires are wider than the front, but this routine broken on the Audi S3. This is for the car is front-wheel drive. The center of gravity is the front.

In addition, the rear storage space is large and there is a place to put the battery and spare tire. However, the head and legs are not wide. For example, a person who is one 180 tall, may experience discomfort. The car’s 1.5 turbo engine produces 150 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. Finally, Audi S3 is the autos of speed and proficiency.