Best Car For UAE Climate

3 cars perfectly suited to the UAE climate

With temperatures averaging 36°C, the climate in the United Arab Emirates can be inhospitable at times. Despite thriving infrastructure and some of the best irrigation engineering in the world, swathes of the country are naturally characterised by an unrelentingly arid desert climate which is subjected to searing heat in the daytime and severe temperature drops in the evening.

When it comes to long-distance transportation in UAE, it’s important to choose a car that offers reliability, off-road capabilities, plenty of storage space and a great air conditioning system in order to make the hours spent in the vehicle that little bit more enjoyable.

With these criteria in mind, we’ve selected our favorite models for UAE car buyers to traverse the climate in style and comfort:

Subaru Forester

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For decades, Subaru has long had a good reputation for offering powerful performance and exceptional traction in all conditions, and the Forester is no exception. The latest model features a 6-speed manual transmission coupled with an all-wheel drive system. Despite having plenty to offer in terms of sheer brute force, the Subaru Forester is surprisingly light, and with nearly 9 inches of ground clearance, it’s perfect for rocky terrains.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited 2016

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This Wrangler is perfect – almost like it’s been specifically designed for a desert adventure. Featuring an extra-long wheelbase, large axles, a removable front sway bar and locking differentials, it’s more than equipped for what the terrain of the UAE can throw at it. With an extra-large interior and four doors, it’s fair to say that Jeep has created a truly family-friendly vehicle here.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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Don’t be fooled by the idea that the G-Class is the preserve of parents in the Hollywood Hills doing the school run; it’s actually a competent sports utility vehicle. Of course, the prowess of the G-Class has long been cemented across the UAE, where car buyers have been impressed by its distance-running capabilities, even in rough terrain. Perhaps the only downfall is that the G-Class tends to use a lot of fuel – so bring a jerry can to avoid getting caught out.