Seling Car In UAE

3 key tips for selling your car quickly in the UAE

The UAE used car market is vibrant and very stable; however, making key mistakes can prevent you from selling your car quickly. Wherever you live in the UAE it’s important to think clearly about the best strategies for shifting your wheels quickly.

Here are three golden rules to help you prevent your car garnering no interest from Dubai used car buyers.

The right advert

Used Car Buying in DubaiDubai has a host of ways for you to advertise your used car, making sure you do so in the most attractive way to buyers is essential if you want to have a speedy sale.

Your advert needs to be concise, yet informative, and provide all of the key information about the car. That includes a detailed description, overview of service history, any optional extras, and so on.

Take good pictures too. Smartphones these days have high-quality cameras, there’s no excuse for blurry portrait photos. This is your chance to make your car look its best!

Set a realistic price

Obviously, you want to get the most money you can for your car, but the Dubai used car market is thriving and so you have to be willing to set an achievable figure if you’re going to lure a buyer.

Do some research on your car and see what other vehicles are selling for that are a similar age, condition, and carry similar mileage, and account for any haggling. Have a clear bottom figure you’ll accept.

A key mistake people often make is assuming they can charge the same as dealers – this is wrong! Dealers often offer services like warranty and breakdown cover which allows them to charge more.

Be honest

How to Sell Your Car in DubaiIt’s an age-old truism that honesty is the best policy, and it applies to the Dubai used car market as much as it applies anywhere else in the world.

If you have to lie about your car to accentuate the good and hide the bad, then it’s obvious the car has faults. Lying to potential buyers is just going to delay the process even more, so make sure everyone knows exactly what they’ve come to see.

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