Range Rover in Dubai

3 new cars designed for ultimate comfort

For those of us who end up spending a considerable amount of time in the car travelling to and from work, especially in hot temperatures, the level of comfort a car provides is a primary consideration when choosing to buy a car. We have chosen the three most comfortable cars 2017 has to offer for car buyers who primarily seek comfort.

Audi A4

The timeless Audi A4 has seen few cosmetic changes in recent years, and although some people will maintain that the Mercedes C-Class is a technically better car, it is the additional options available that make the Audi A4 so special. Even the standard interior on the A4 models is remarkably well thought out; the three zone climate control is incredibly effective, the passenger space is cavernous and the Audi Air Shower keeps you feeling fresh throughout your entire journey. The acoustic window upgrade provides a wonderfully quiet journey – ideal for making phone calls or getting on with some work on the way to a meeting.

Range Rover

The Range Rover remains to this day one of the most popular top-end SUVs on sale. Always with a focus on comfort, the Range Rover offers adjustable air suspension which although is designed for off-road use, ensures a sense of gliding effortlessly across any road you are likely to encounter. Recent efforts to increase comfort levels have included a reshaped windscreen to cut down on cabin noise and the option of a long wheelbase for extra leg room. Technologically well considered, the rear seats have access to electric fold-out tables, USB ports and even a champagne cooler. As you would expect with a car of this class, the finishing is superb – it really is hard to fault a car such as this.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The name Rolls-Royce is synonymous with excellence and comfort for very good reason: luxury cars do not come any more luxurious than this. Those who can afford the level of comfort offered by the Phantom will arguably enjoy the highest level of comfort to be found in any new car. The sheer volume of space available can only be described as Epicurean, while the double glazed windows ensure that you are unlikely to notice whatever happens outside. The Phantom really is the epitome of luxury, comfort and decadence.