Tesla Supercar

Electric luxury car launches at World Government Summit

The latest news in transportation in UAE is that the world’s first electric luxury car is now on sale!

Infrastructure investment

Tesla is a Californian electric car company run by internet billionaire Elon Musk, best known for his success with PayPal. Musk was at the recent World Government Summit in Dubai and told reporters that the luxury cars could be ordered now for delivery this summer.

Of course, with a purely electric car, there will have to be charging points available all over the region and Musk is set to invest tens of millions of dollars in implementing the required infrastructure.

Super stations open

There are already two “super-charging” stations already open in Dubai and another in Masdar City, with five more planned by the end of 2017. The cars can be charged at home, which takes a few hours depending on the supply available; most people charge their cars overnight.

But the super-charging stations can charge a Tesla in a matter of minutes and will alert you on your smartphone when the car is ready. It’s this sort of widespread support that will make electric cars more appealing.

There are also “destination” charging points in 26 hotels and shopping malls in the UAE. These operate at rates closer to the home charging units, but the cars can be left while you are shopping or if you’re on an overnight stay.

Fastest electric car

The Tesla Model S accelerates to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds and can go for over 600km on each full charge. The Model X is a larger 4×4 SUV-style luxury car which can seat up to seven adults and reaches 100km/h in 31 seconds.

Prices start from Dh275,000 for the S and Dh344,000 for the X. Customers can already customise and order their Model S or X at the dedicated online platform – just go on to the Tesla website and select UAE from the country locator.

Sell your car in preparation

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