the very best convertibles

3 of the very best convertibles

There is something intrinsically satisfying about driving a convertible car during the summer months. Part of the appeal is no doubt the sense of being outside soaking up vitamin D as opposed to sat inside a hot metal box struggling with air-conditioning. Feeling the cool wind in your hair brings with it a sense of freedom no you just don’t get with a roof over your head. Here are three of what we consider to be the very best convertibles available.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2016

In a world of sheen over substance, there is something remarkably down to earth about the Jeep Wrangler. The exposed hinges, large wheel arches, and minimalist design re-enforce what we already know about Jeeps – they are tough, functional and one of the most iconic and appealing shaped vehicles ever produced. The model comes with the hard top (removable panels), soft top or a combination of both. Although the Jeep looks like a beast, the level of comfort inside is nothing short of the executive. Boasting a V6 engine, 5 speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox and its ability to scale 44.3-degree approach angles you are unlikely to get caught out taking it off-road.

Fiat 124 Spider 2017

Many car enthusiasts will look ver
y fondly on the classic Fiat roadster that turned so many heads between 1966 and 1982. The new updated model has all the same style charm and character as its predecessors but with the technological advances, you would expect in 2017. Readouts are presented on the little screen for navigation and connectivity inside the cozy cockpit decked out in Italian leather in the higher spec models. A 160-hp 1.4-litre engine provides plenty of kick capable of sending you from 0-60 mph in little over six seconds.

Porsche 718 Boxster roadster

It didn’t seem possible for us to mention convertibles without mentioning the Porsche 718. Although perhaps controversially now housing two turbocharged flat-four-cylinder engines rather than the prior six, the new model is able to boast improved performance, better fuel economy, and a greener footprint at the expense of some growl. The result is undoubtedly one of the finest and most responsive drives of your life. Visually, the newly modified rear spoiler and steering wheel give it a more up to date feel but little else visually has been changed. Inside the leather trimmed interior, you will find a six speak stereo, Apple CarPlay (for the first time) and air conditioning as standard. Although not a cheap option by many standards, the updated 718 Boxster model alongside Porsche’s reputation for excellence is going to be a huge success.