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5 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Car’s Body Color

The weather and great outdoors definitely can be tough on cars. While the weather fluctuates from season to season, UAE’s rocky dunes can be rough on your car’s outer body. As the paint ages, that damage causes the surface to get hazy and the shine to subside, but there’s generally no damage to the color layer below.


Not Waxing will leave the car looking dull and the clear coat vulnerable to accelerated wear.

We recommend waxing your car every 45 to 60 days to keep it looking fresh. Here are 5 easy steps to keep your car’s original body color maintained.

First, ask your car dealer which wax is right for your car. Waxes vary depending on the paint coating of your car.

Start by washing your car to remove sand and dirt. A clean body will allow the wax to sit smoothly on the body.

Grab a micro fiber and damp cloth to apply and apply it in a single straight direction in any hair line scratches.

Using a little pressure, apply the wax using overlapping circular motions like a phone cord  to achieve a high gloss. Repeat the process across the entire surface of the paint.

Wait for it to dry and use a lamb’s wool buffing pad that is available at you local hardware store to add an extra layer of wet look shine if the previous step didn’t create a shine that satisfies you.

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