Selling a damaged car in Dubai

Your Guide To Selling A Damaged Car

Selling a damaged car needn’t be a stressful experience.

Car accidents are an unpleasant experience, leaving you startled, in the best case, and leaving you and your car seriously damaged, in the worst case. The reality is, most people cannot afford the repercussions of a collision. Besides potential medical bills, you’re liable to pay for repairing automobile damages that insurance may, or may not, pay for, for whatever reason. The repairs can be very expensive and time-consuming, depending on the extent of the damages. It is possible that the cost of repairs actually exceed the residual value of the car. If it so happens that you cannot afford, or do not see value in repairing a damaged vehicle, you’re left with only one option. That is, to sell your damaged car as is, for the best price you can possibly get.

Selling a damaged vehicle can be difficult, as most car buyers will not purchase inoperable vehicles. is the perfect partner to sell your damaged car to. We ensure purchase of any car after complete examination regardless of make, model, age, and condition. offers a wide range of services to facilitate you in every possible way. Take advantage of our fair and convenient services without wasting any more time.

We buy all brands, so you need not worry about anything. We guarantee complete security and safety. Simply enter the basic information about your vehicle in our online form and within 15 seconds, you will get an online valuation of your car. Next, make an appointment with our trained experts for your car inspection. They will make you an offer and if you accept, we will buy your car on the spot, and then we will transfer the full value of your car to your bank account, instantly and securely. The whole process can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Selling a car has never been so quick and easy.

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