A Fresh New Take On The Legendary Audi Quattro

Digital artist Rastislav Prokop tells us his vision on what a modern Audi Quattro might look like, and the creative process behind it.

The original Audi Quattro is easily one of the most iconic rally cars of all time. Audi used it back in the day to show how many benefits putting AWD in a normal car has, and they went on to completely dominate world rally championships the world over. With the Quattro essentially being the backbone of Audi’s racing heritage and with it holding such an iconic status among enthusiasts and the auto industry, it’s surprising that Audi still hasn’t revived the Quattro in some capacity.

A Fresh New Take On The Legendary Audi QuattroThe Audi Quattro definitely stands out as an iconic, distinctive design. You wouldn’t really mistake its shape and general look for anything else, but nowadays, Audi has moved on to a very different design language, and it’s interesting to take a look and see what sort of shape a new Quattro would take. The artist’s take follows the same general shape, but it also incorporates Audi’s present-day signature design touches. The hexagonal grille in the front, the LED lights, the scoop at the top that’s similar to what we see on the RS6 Avant, and all the like.

Prokop’s vision also keeps the distinctive flared fenders from the original Quattro, and sitting inside those fenders are a set of white five-spoke wheels, which bear more than a passing resemblance to the wheels on the Quattro’s rally car derivatives. The rear gets a subtle lip spoiler, a full-width rectangular light bar with “quattro” in the signature all-lowercase style right in the middle. There’s also a variety of vents and scoops around the car to improve cooling, and a set of side-exit exhausts, similar to those on the Quattro S1, as well as Audi’s A1 Club sport concept car, which eventually morphed into the pocket rocket A1 Quattro.