The Aion Hyper GT Is Part Sports Car And part Family Car

The Tesla Model 3-rivaling Aion Hyper GT is a 335-HP family saloon with gull-wing doors and an insanely low-drag coefficient.

We have had a fair share of Chinese copycat cars over the years. But this has also given aspirational Chinese manufacturers a hard time. However, things are changing currently, and the GAC Aion Hyper GT is a prime example of why the east deserves its due attention. Unlike its wickedly fast sibling, the GAC Aion Hyper SSR, the Hyper GT isn’t an underdog Rimac Nevera rival.

But this four-door sports car takes the fight to the dominating Tesla Model 3. And it has a lot of wild cards to one-up the Tesla. The design is a prime example of beauty and function. The Hyper GT is fluidic and sleek and is God-tier when it comes to drag coefficient numbers. There are some seriously wicked aero tricks on this Chinese EV.

The Aion Hyper GT Is Part Sports Car And part Family CarThe “Wind Blade Grille” located in the lower part of the front bumper, opens up to reduce drag after a certain speed. For added downforce at high speeds, the Hyper GT has taken inspiration from Porsche with its splitting retractable rear wind.

Another cool aspect is the door situation which is the prime reason that we call it “part sports car” and “part family car”. The interior looks to be minimal, luxurious, and quite comfy. And despite having moderate performance figures, the aero-efficient Hyper GT has the zeal to take on most sports cars and even some supercars of the gasoline world.

The GAC Aion Hyper GT is expected to cost around ¥300,000 (~$43,700 in current exchange rates). That’s insane pricing and slots right in between the Chinese pricing of the Tesla Model 3. As for this cool car entering the US? The chances are very slim.