Rolls-Royce Releases La Rose Noir: Luxury

In an antecedent, Rolls-Royce released a new car, La Rose Noir. Coach-built company designed by the distinguished car, headed by Alex Ennis. This car reflects the charming nature of the flower, Rose Noir, in reality. Furthermore, it actually resembles the shape of a rose. But it is important to know the modernity and technology used in the manufacturing it. And we should know the design of this legendary car in all aspects of efficiency, interior-exterior design. At the front, the car brand emerges in a dramatic, glamorous shape. The front grille takes a longitudinal shape and is functional, not just decorative.

La Rose Noir Interior and Exterior Design

The car has only two seats due to the small cabin. This car is not a family car, but rather a personal car. Although this car does not have a roof, the driver and passenger are secure. This is due to the car’s interior design, which places the seats at the bottom. The car’s climate control button located inside and comes out in the shape of a rose. We ought to notice the car’s reddish-rose color matches the interior color of the seats, doors. This elegant interior design took three years of continuous work by brilliant designers. The car painted in a dark color called Mystery. Furthermore, the color inspired by the nature of the dark color of beautiful roses. Not only that, the color of the car changes when viewed from different angles. To create the shape at the rear designers used 1,603 pieces of black wooden Fetter triangles. As for the front panel, it consists of 1,070 symmetrical pieces with 533 asymmetrical pieces in red. The exterior painted in bright red, resembling a black Albacore rose. Applying this color in its natural form required one hundred and fifty attempts by paint experts.