A Soaring Thefts for Hyundai and Kia

In the past three years, Hyundai and Kia autos witnessed soaring rates of thefts. The theft for these makes were not as easy as now. In this blog, we will explore and investigate the reasons behind this dilemma. This dramatic increase appeared through social media of which many cars owners report stolen autos. what is strange is that all of the stolen autos are of these two makes. What confirms this is some insurance companies also got affect by this novice phenomenon. The increase of the stolen autos rates of these two companies increased instantly. It increased between the first half of 2020 and the first half of 2023. This is the period that autos insurance companies limited their report for. For the striking majority of other autos makes the reported stolen autos rate was 1.0 out-of 1,000. This rate was as the same as for all other autos make. Out of a blue, the rate for exactly Hyundai and Kia surged up, reaching 11.0. This happened during the previous three years. Meanwhile, for all other companies – theft rates remind unchanged.

The Reason Behind

Some of the reasons behind this dilemma is that some of the make are old. This means the logging system is well-known to the striking majoring of thieves. Secondly, the make of these autos between 2015 up to 2019 are more vulnerable to theft. In order to combat this problem, manufacturers should enhance the locking system of the autos. They should use a very updated locking system to prevent theft. However, they can use a hybrid system of locking. In other words, they can blend old locking systems with the new ones. This will provide them with an enhanced result. All in all, the recent make of these two companies are less ease for thieves to steal them.