Long Distances Drive

Driving for long distances can be risky, but setting a well-designed plan can help you get rid of this danger. 4×4 autos can be suitable, because they are multi-function. With these types of vehicle, you will be ready to face any dangerous destinations. Many advisors recommend these cars especially when driving off-road. Whatever kind of auto you choose, there are number of factors that should be put into consideration:

Car Preparation

Before triggering this long journey, update your car services. This could be done by changing engine oil and replacing filters of oil, air, fuel and cabin. You can do this alone, if you are skilful enough other wise you can go to maintenance for a complete check. Beside these, you have to check up all tyres, water and windscreens.

Sleeping and Regular Breaks

If you will accompany kids, you have to make sure that they had enough rest and sleep. You too as a driver have to get enough amount of sleep, because this will help you to concentrate well during your long journey. What is more important than these is that you have to take regular breaks at least fifteen minutes every two hours. This will help you to increase your concentration level, as well as, giving children a time for playing and fun.


Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), there are a lot of services that this organization provides, such as, roadside assistance. If your car is broken down somewhere, they will provide you an immediate support. However, you need to have a prior subscription to this road service. Otherwise, you will be charged higher when you request their help.