Alfa Romeo Stelvio Dubai

Alfa Romeo brings rear wheel drive to the 2019 Stelvio

Some exciting car news for fans of Alfa Romeo’s much anticipated SUV, the Stelvio – there are plans afoot to give Alfa’s primary family mover the benefit of rear wheel drive.

The 2019 Stelvio will still offer UAE customers four wheel drive for those who want it and those who feel they need it, but anyone wanting a little more lithe feedback from the handling may have had their prayers answered.

Why a RWD Stelvio makes sense

Alfa Romeo SUVFour wheel drive can be great for added traction, but unless you know how to handle the car already it can’t always get you out of a sticky situation. When you combine that with the Stelvio’s relative lack of ground clearance and performance accoutrements, it isn’t going to be going off road much.

So, why keep the four wheel drive? A rear wheel drive Stelvio is guaranteed to be lighter than the fall fat model, shaving upwards of 50kg off its original weight. This means the 280 horsepower 2.0 litre four cylinder engine doesn’t have to work quite so hard.

When it arrives in the UAE, the RWD Stelvio is sure to be a rewarding drive.

No sacrifice necessary

Alfa Romeo LogoUAE customers will still get the benefit of the luxurious Alfa Romeo options list, including an 8.8 inch colour touchscreen and a wide array of connectivity features, so the Stelvio will still be a comfortable choice.

Alfa Romeo has always made drivers’ cars however, and the RWD Stelvio means that parents no longer have to sacrifice driving pleasure just to have the necessary space to carry their children and all their things from one place to another.

With so much electronic stability control it’s unlikely to be a piece of cake to do handbrake turns out of the school gates, but that’s not exactly advisable anyway. However, the lighter driving experience, coupled with the front wheels now freed up to focus on the job of steering, mean handling is sure to be improved.

The new rear wheel drive Stelvio, designated Q2, will be available throughout the UAE for the 2019 model year. Prices are currently unavailable.