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Top 10 Ramadan Offers On New cars In UAE

It’s nearly that time of year. Whether you are looking to buy a new vehicle or sell your car in Dubai, Ramadan can be a good time to do it, thanks to the number of special deals on offer from the leading dealerships. Many include tempting finance options and slashed prices on a number of vehicles, while some have an element of mystery! So for your benefit, here are the pick of the promotions from Ramadan 2017.


Sell Toyota in DubaiThe Toyota dealer Al-Futtaim have a ‘Buy Now, Pay in Ramadan 2018’ offer which allows buyers to treat themselves with a new Toyota and pay in installments from Ramadan 2018, meaning it is free for a year. There are a number of select models which the promotion applies to, including the RAV4, Corolla, Land Cruiser, Prado and Camry. In addition, Al-Futtaim have launched a Ramadan Camry Platinum offer on models which feature a leather interior – they will make the 20 per cent down payment.


Sell Honda In Dubai

There are also plenty of special deals for those in the market for a Honda – up to AED 18,000 can be saved through a 100,000 service contract including a five year unlimited mileage warranty. The deal comes with an Al-Futtaim Gift Card worth between AED 200 and AED 2,000.


Sell Lexus In Dubai

Lexus will reveal their Ramadan offers to visitors at their showroom, so have asked drivers to come and discover the deals for themselves!


Sell Kia In Dubai

Kia are getting into the spirit of giving with deals including a 2017 Cerato 1.7L for AED 49,900 and a 2017 Sorento 2.4L reduced to AED 79,900.


Sell Mitsubishi in Dubai

Mitsubishi’s Habtoor Motors are inviting drivers to pick their Ramadan deal, lining up a massive list of new finance options and reductions. They include zero per cent interest, with free service, insurance and warranty; free llumar tinting and scotchgard. The Outlander is available from AED 78,900, while the Lancer is available from AED 38,900.


Sell Infiniti Dubai

Infiniti Dubai are offering instant rewards of up to AED 100,000, including making a 100 per cent down payment, five years extended warranty, courtesy car when servicing, one year complimentary insurance and five years complimentary service.


Sell Gmc Dubai

GMC are set to offer savings of up to AED 35,000 as part of their ‘Legacy of Giving’. The Terrain, Acadia, Sierra and Tukon are all included in the promotion. Just fill in a form and a dealer will be in touch.


Sell Volkswagen in Dubai

Volkswagen Dubai are getting in on the act with a buy now, pay in Ramadan 2018 offer of their own. Their Ramadan campaign offers cash savings of up to AED 45,000, one year free vehicle insurance, three years free service, six years free warranty and unlimited KMs.


Sell Chevrolet In Dubai

Chevrolet’s Al Ghandi Auto present savings of up to AED 50,000, and like Lexus, ask you to drop into their showroom or fill in an inquiry form to discover the special deals on offer.

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We wish you a fantastic Ramadan in 2017!