Apple Electric Car

The Apple company designed the Apple electric car. This car is one of the cars that has no competition in the field of automotive technology. Accordingly, the ambition of this company began to design the Apple electric car since 2014. This company has very high capabilities, due to its initiation in various technical fields. Apple also has a very high global popularity. However, there is another company that is a strong competitor to Apple. This company is Tesla began from an early age to specialize in the field of car manufacturing. But Apple is superior to Tesla in the field of car technology.

Apple Car Features

It is imperative to know some features of the Apple car. This car is self-driving, meaning that the driver can make the most of the time. Furthermore, there are plenty of in-car entertainment to spend a more enjoyable time. In addition, you can link you phone’s screen to the car ones to facilitate navigation. Another advantage of the Apple car is that it has strong and long-lasting batteries. Therefore, it can cross a distance of more than 500 kilometers on a full charge of the battery. It is worth noting that charging the car battery from zero to full-charge takes only fifteen minutes. There is a 3D screen display, and there are glasses that transform into the virtual world.

Interior and Exterior Design

Apple car design is one of the biggest secrets of the Apple company. Therefore, we will mention it generally. The interior and exterior designs of the Apple car differ from other cars. The company relies on maintaining simple, classic designs combined with modernity. For example,  you can  control the movement of the wide seats by touch-buttons. Moreover, drivers can reduce and enlarge seats according to the size of the passenger.