Navigating through the process of selling a car

You must know all stages of the process of selling a car, so that you are aware of all the requirements

and documents that need it.

The process of selling any car is not difficult, but what matters is your decision to sell the car. The selling process is easy and uncomplicated and does not takes much time.

Steps to selling any car in Dubai

In Simply Car Buyers, we adopt three main steps if you want to sell your car, in order to facilitate procedures for all customers and not take a lot of time in paperwork.

Get an initial appraisal of your car

It is a very important step as an initial stage in order to know the estimated value of your car, and this is done directly through the website. All you have to do at this stage is fill in some fields and basic information

about the car and its condition to know the estimated value that your car deserves.

Book an appointment and come to one of the company’s branches to check the car

At this stage, you can choose the appropriate time and day for you after seeing the estimated value of

your car, in order to fully examine the car in one of the company’s branches and identify all the

problems and defects in the car. The car data and condition, the examination process is carried out

very accurately, and all elements are taken into consideration:

  • External appearance
  • The internal shape
  • Car interior components

Complete the sale

After discussion and dialogue with the customer about the final price of the car and making sure that the customer accepts the price offered to him, we will take care of all the paperwork and the customer will receive immediate payment‏

Our company always strives to provide all means of comfort to the customer and to complete the sale

process as soon as possible to gain the customer’s time.